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The Guilty Girlz Rc Of Michigan

Who are the Guilty Girlz? We are a diverse group of women riders from Michigan who have a passion for riding. We are all over Michigan A few of the cities that we represent are  Lansing,Bancroft, Owosso, Fowlerville, Three Rivers, Ovid, Maybee, Portland,  And everywhere in between. GUILTY GIRLZ RC of MI is the first women’s riding club to be inducted into the Michigan Confederation of Clubs (MCOC) in December 2010. The GGRC will establish and maintain a spirit of camaraderie and a sisterhood for women riders that will enhance the prestige of all motorcycle riders. To operate and conduct itself and the members in a manner that provides equal opportunity, decorum, fair, equal treatment to all female motorcyclists. Are the Guilty Girlz the right club for you? Come hang out with us so that you can get to know us and we can get to know you. We are a NO drama club. Check our Event page for opportunities to meet us in person. If you would like more information regarding the Guilty Girlz Rc Contact

Featured Girlz

  • Daisey


Born & Raised In the Country , Still Live In the Country, Them Dirt Roads Helped Build Me Along With All My Flaws! 🙂 I’ve had family in the motorcycle world my whole life. I bought my first bike in 2000, went through a few, and finally bought a Street Glide, 2018 Year End Miles (As Our Most Miles Go From November 1st To October 31st Every Year), I Rode 17,xxx Miles After working 50 hours a week. 🙂 I always say, never go to the same place twice, there is too much to see. Have two kids, a son, Jake, who is 23, is a gear head, races motocross and ice races and a daughter, Jessica, who is 22. Her and I ride horses. I own a trucking company and help my dad run his Heavy Haul Trucking Company. With kids getting older, Wanted something fun to do., so when asked  to start Guilty Girlz In Lansing, Lemon And I thought what a great idea,  we were pleased to do so. Lemon and I have been friends a long time as well before the club..  We have grown into a Unbreakable Bond Of Sisterhood, You Can’t Buy This! We already have years together with most our sisters .8,7, 6 5,4,3,2 1 years of building TRUST/RESPECT, Spending time riding together in a Pack, Learning how one another ticks, Helping each other, laughing together, standing strong together and holding each other up when a sister is blue. We have no DRAMA and will not tolerate it. Some of us are retired an can ride anytime, some of us can only ride sometimes, spur of the moment. Basically when we have time we call each other or look on website see what’s going on events/rides an go with as many as all of us or just two of us. The best part is there is always another girl willing to ride when we can. Much Love & Respect To All. Ride Easy My Friends. Xo Daisey  Est Dec 2010


My name is Flower and my bike’s name is Flower Power! I grew up on dirt bikes and snowmobiles and then I didn’t ride for years while raising my family. I bought my first street bike in 07. A 250 Yamaha Virago…lol! Great starter bike but only rode her 1 season before I bought my 06 1200 Custom Sporty. From there, Flower Power became somewhat of a celebrity, winning bike show after bike show. Eventually, some of the women I met throughout the years formed what we have now…Guilty Girlz RC! I love being a part of something that feeds my passion….the riding, the sisterhood, the charitable events!


I learned to ride when I was 13. We had an old Honda 175 which we only had for a short period of time. Fast forward to August 2011, I got my first Harley Davidson. It was a 2011 Sportster Super Low 883. I then moved up to a 2014 Super Low 1200T. I took it on vacation the Summer of 2015 and realized it wasn’t really made for long hauls, so I took went to the dealer and test rode a 2015 Heritage Softail. Needless to say, I fell in love and I am still riding it today. I have 2 kids and an adorable 2 year old grandson which are the lights of my life. I joined the Guilty Girlz as a prospect in March 2016 and was given my full patch in June of 2016. This was the best choice I have ever made. We are a group of strong women that I am proud to call my sisters. We have created a bond that cannot be broken. GGFFGG!! Hope to see you on the road or out and about. Sparklez



In 1995, I mentioned to my old man that he should sell his Backhoe and Dump truck and buy a Harley.  It didn’t take that much convincing.  We rode together for a few seasons and I decided I wanted to learn to ride.  We both signed up for the rider course, even though he knew how to ride, he felt the class could help him.  The rest is history.   I started with a Sporty an 883, she was a beautiful red.  I rode it one season and decided I needed something that could keep up with the big boys and girls.   Currently I have an ’07 Street Glide.

In 2003, I started to become very sick, it was decided by my Doctors, that I would need a Heart Transplant because of a genetic disease.  At first I was too weak to be put on the list.  At that time, they decided an LVAD (Left ventricular assist device) would be necessary.  This would pump the blood needed to get my body ready for the transplant.  I had this for eleven months.  Two days after my Grandson was born 9/16/05, I got the call I was waiting for, they had a heart for me.  I can’t really explain how I felt, happy and sad at the same time.  Remembering that someone lost a loved one so I could live.  It was very difficult.  It took about a year to get adjusted to all of the changes.  I told my old man that he should sell my bike, I’d never feel confident enough to ride it.  He didn’t listen!! That was a good thing!  Once around the neighborhood, I was ready to roll, I still had it in me!  Let’s roll!!!

I lost my old man in 2016, due to Lung Cancer.  These wonderful women were by my side the whole time.  They kept me busy riding every weekend, we had so many wonderful adventures.  They were there for me, anything I needed or wanted they made sure I was good.  These women are my sisters and I love them dearly.  We’ve ridden many miles together, lots of destinations.  I’m looking forward to more wonderful times with these awesome ladies.  The open road is our future.    GGFFGG


Mama Hawk

My Name is Mama Hawk. My love for riding started on the back of my Dad’s bike when I was a kid. I decided to ride my own bike in 2003. I now ride my Dad’s bike. I lost my Dad in 2000. I feel honored that I get to ride my Dad’s bike. I have always had the passion for riding my entire life.

Hi, my name is Copper. I grew up riding on the back of my step-dad’s bike. I absolutely loved the feeling and freedom. In my early twenties I had a dirt bike and quads as I lived out East on a mountain in New Jersey. From a young age I always wanted a Harley Davidson Sportster. That dream came true early 2015. That bike was my baby! Not long went by when I was ready to upgrade to a larger bike. The moment I saw Janis (HD Anniversary Softail Deluxe) I knew she belonged to me. I kept my Sporty for another year before letting her go. I’ve thought about upgrading to a bigger bike with more options but I just can’t see myself on any other bike. I first met some Guilty Girlz while going through a very nasty divorce. I had heard of them before an was intrigued with them. After several rides and hanging out with a lot of them I decided this was the club for me. I had wanted to reach out sooner but my ex-husband would have never allowed that! I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through the roughest time in my life without them! My sisters are the true meaning of “Sisterhood”! I am so proud to be a Guilty Girlz! GGFFGG When riding through the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the handlebars.
Hi There, I’m “Trouble”. I’m the youngest of five children. I have three brothers and a sister. Of course, with three brothers, there’s going to be some motorcycles involved, and I was always ready to do whatever my brothers were doing, even if it was somewhat dangerous. I’ve been around the bike scene through most of my life. Growing up in a small town, I saw biker’s pass by as a kid in the 70’s. I started riding my own bike in the 90’s and rode snowmobiles in the winter months. As far as occupations, I have been a waitress, cashier for a major retailer, pharmacy technician, self employed construction/remodeling company owner and I am now currently a postal employee as a lead clerk. I enjoy riding bikes, hunting and hanging out with my friends and family. I have one daughter named Kristin Kennedy and one grandson Elijah. They are my treasures. I’ve been married once and in a 16 year relationship after I was divorced. Although it’s not been easy, I’ve learned how to be strong in the past few years. I don’t let much bring me down. I’m generally a happy person. Guilty Girlz has been a big part of my life, being around women that enjoy riding and encourage each other to do just that. I still enjoy being a passenger once in a while. Enjoy it while you can. Keep calm and throttle on. Get out and ride and put some smiles on!


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